Strategies Worksheets

When you have completed the 3D Life Fitness Diagnostic. You can download these resource worksheets to help you with your journey.

You are free to use as many as you think you need in order to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

All worksheets are copyright 3D Mental Fitness and any replication and duplication are prohibited.

3D Why?

This is the first worksheet that you should work on. In order to successfully motivate yourself on your life journey, you first have to figure out why you wish to take that journey.

3D Motivation – Goal Setting

This is the second worksheet you should complete. It’s not enough to set goals, you have a have a plan and sub goals in order to achieve your major goals.

3D What Can You Control

This worksheet will help you to identify life factors that you can control and those that are out of your control.

3D Self Concept

This worksheet will help you plan out a vision for yourself. Your mental focus should be on the vision that you want for yourself. This activity will help you think about what you really want to achieve for yourself.

3D Self Management – Pre Competition Planner

If you are a competitive athlete or even if you enter an event once or twice a year, this worksheet will help you plan the 72 hours before the competition so that you are in the best possible mindset for peak performance.

3D Self Management – Identify Stressors

This worksheet will help you identify stressors in your life. Upon completion of this activity, you will be more self-aware and will have strategies in place to help you manage your stress more effectively.

3D Focus – Identify Distractions

In this worksheet, you will identify distracting factors in your life and plan strategies to help with performance and productivity. You will also have a chance to plan out resting time which is important when working towards a major goal.

3D Confidence – Acknowledging Achievement

We all tend to be tough on ourselves from time to time. Use this worksheet to write down your accomplishments in life. It is important to slow down and remember all of the things that you have achieved in life and to celebrate them. Too often we quickly forget what we have achieved when something doesn’t go our way or were challenged by a particular event or situation. Upon completion of this activity your, self-esteem should recieve a boost because you acknowledge all of the great things or skills that you have.

3D Self Management – Mental Visualization, Meditation and Relaxation

This worksheet provides links to various online exercises that you can do to help manage emotions and visualize the best outcome for your efforts in life.

We will add more in the future so please check back to this page for updates.