For Coaches

When you choose the 3D Life Fitness Diagnostic your clients will have access to take the inventory. Once a client has taken the diagnostic, you will be informed via email.

We have created a control panel that is very powerful when it comes to analysis of results, statistical analysis, comparing athletes and exporting reports to help with your gym growth and client relationship-building.

View the video below to see a sample control panel to get a better idea of how 3D Life Fitness can work for you, your team or organization.

The Coach Control Panel Includes:

  • A personalized link that you can use on social media to help attract local clients to your gym or organization. You can also share this link with your current clients.
  • View or print off diagnostic reports in either a quick view or full report.
  • Send clients their results with a message.
  • Plot multiple clients on the same graph. Assign training partners or analyze team chemistry.
  • Download CSV reports with information on clients that have taken the diagnostic.